Our Services

Your reputation precedes you

For over two decades we have assisted our clients to successfully build their profiles, promote their causes and ensure that they are situated within a positive narrative.We are at the sharp end of change in Ghana, steering our clients through complex and sometimes controversial transactions. We support them through crises and guide them to success.

Major national projects involving mergers and acquisitions, fought over intensely, give us the experience and strategic insight necessary to offer sound counsel.Our wide ranging network of relationships, cultivated over long periods, means we bring in the exact expertise when you need it. Because we understand the political environment, we anticipate problems and provide guidance to manage the challenges you face.

Our clients include government, development agencies and the private sector, where our track record of working for multinationals in the extractive industry is second to none, as is our experience in the Financial, Education, SME, Civil Society, Energy, and Telecommunications sectors.

We take a phased approach to assignments believing in building on what we achieve each step of the way through feedback.

Public Affairs

Knowing the politics. Deepening the conversation. Steering the debate

Our services include, Communication Strategy Development, Stakeholder Mapping, Stakeholder Engagement, Message Development, Fact Sheets, Customized Media Lists, Speaker Notes, Press Releases, Q&A’s and Coaching.


Mobilizing support for an issue, idea, product or service.

We prepare the information, education and communication materials necessary for effective dissemination of the issue and related information to the print, broadcast and online media.

Crisis Management

Providing a steady hand and restoring control of the narrative.

Crises can unfold with breath-taking speed and responding to them requires an organization’s leadership to stay focused and proactive.

Channel Two is expert in crisis management, helping organizations to anticipate the situations they’re likely to encounter and to hone the skills they need to contain a crisis, then implement an effective response. We manage crises by providing a steady, experienced, guiding hand.

Corporate Communications

Great story telling. Building your brand. Producing great videos.

We offer a range of services including strategy development and messaging and internal and external communications. We have produced over 200 high-end corporate videos which are working for a wide variety of clients, providing both strategic and tactical advantage.

Apart from broadcast on television, many of these videos are used at private stakeholder engagements, setting the tone for marketing and constructive dialogue sessions. They may be for a corporate client wanting to make a pitch or for an organization seeking to mobilize support for an issue.

Media Relations

Efficient writing. Eloquent delivery.

Media Relations are vital to reputation management. We provide media briefings, press kits and media monitoring. Understanding the media and how it works is critical. Managing and interacting with the media poses unique challenges.

We have an extensive network of media colleagues, many of whom are editors and reporters. Many of our consultants are themselves former journalists who understand and are at home in the industry.

We know what makes a good story, we know what journalists and news editors want. We assist our clients to develop their thoughts eloquently through press releases, prioritizing information and ensuring a focused message. It is all about positive press coverage.